Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences

Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences is published biannually (in July and December) in one volume per year by the Publishing House România de Mâine Foundation, being the publication of the Faculty of Pychology and Education Sciences in Bucharest within Spiru Haret University.

Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences is abstracted and/or indexed in CEEOL, EBSCO and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.


It is an international peer-reviewed journal with all contributions being refereed anonymously by acknowledged international experts in the field. Its scope includes the history of communication and behavioural sciences, the professional practice of communication, psychology, cognitive science, and anthropology, communication and behavioural sciences training and education, and communication and behavioural sciences practice and new technology.

The journal will provide both scholar and industry practitioners the opportunity to publich and read applied research, and will include research papers, invited essays, and reviews of books. Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences is interdisciplinary and publishes both theoretical and empirical work and contributed to the social, economic, political, cultural and practical understanding of communication and behavioural sciences. It includes contributions on current developments and historical changes within communication, psychology, cognitive science, and anthropology.

Journal of Communication and Behavioural Sciences (ISSN 2668-9650) is the successor of the Annals of Spiru Haret University. Journalism Studies (ISSN 1454-9492) which was active between 2000 and 2019, being published annually until 2011, and biannually from volume 12 onwards.

The decision to change the title of the journal was made following the increasing requests that we received lately from our collaborators who were interested in publishing their studies in the field of Behavioural Sciences.

At the same time, from the desire to narrow the research area of the topics of the articles in the journal, but also taking into account the new research trends at international level, we decided that the new title is more suited to the content that the journal hosts starting with 2020.


ISSN: 2668-9650

IAPES 2023 book of abstracts

IAPES 2023 book of abstracts


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